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Job vacancy for refugees in Norway

Job vacancy for refugees in Norway

NRC or Norwegian Refugee Council is a humanitarian non-governmental organization with 61 years of experience helping to create a safer and more dignified life for refugees and internally displaced persons.

The Norwegian Refugee Council calls for the rights of the displaced population and provides assistance in the areas of shelter, education, food security and livelihoods, legal aid, water, sanitation and hygiene. The Norwegian Refugee Council has approximately 6,000 committed, dedicated and project staff across the four continents. NRC manages the world’s largest backup queue, NORCAP, with 650 professionals, ready to deploy within 72 hours of notification when a crisis occurs.

General responsibilities:

⦁ Ensure adherence to NRC policies, tools, manuals and guidelines for improving the quality of activities.
⦁ Implement the delegated CC projects portfolio in accordance with the work plan.
⦁ Preparing and developing status reports as required by the administration.
⦁ Ensure proper deposit of documents.
⦁ Ensure that projects target the most needed beneficiaries, and explore and evaluate new and better ways to help.
⦁ Promote and exchange ideas for technical improvement, methods and approaches, and contribute to the development of software materials and tools
⦁ Promote the rights of refugees and displaced persons in line with the advocacy strategy.
⦁ Identify and report protection needs and gaps, and explore and suggest new and safer ways to help.

Context / skills, knowledge and specific experience:

⦁ Ability to produce high quality reports in English and Farsi on tight deadlines.
⦁ Skilled in negotiating with a wide range of stakeholders with different interests, including contractors and camp managers.
⦁ Comprehensive building capabilities that ensure effective on-site technical monitoring.
⦁ Ability to provide technical solutions to address potential shortcomings in contracts, work execution, etc. through drafting work orders and contract amendments.
⦁ Basic knowledge of Iranian labor law, tax regulation, contract and project management.

Work location: Kerman
Contract: until the end of 2020
Salary: based on salary scale from 12$ to15$ per hr for 42to 48 hours per week.

How to apply

By email:
by phone: 830-647-4219


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